Who Are We?

Ecogrinbi is a project born by a group of people with a common denominator. The love for the organic production. The belief that there is a more healthy feeding. Because eating, is a pleasure, but has to be a healthy pleasure. We know that eating healthy brings health. And this is good for ourselves and for others.That to produce, the environment must be respected, so that we become a team with a dream, leave a world at least as healthy as when we arrived  . Our ethics leads us to promote and disperse this consumption  healthier, it looks after  the environment, biodiversity and health, in a sustainable manner.It´s a dream to which we would like you to join.

Which are our values: We believe that there is a few of lost values, those of us who were taught persistently ; the tradition, the commitment, respect, integrity, the love, the effort, the illusion, health, delivery, participation and humility. We believe that we are in a society involt  lacking in value,these elements can  be retrieved. And we must commit ourselves with our project and with the people around us to perceive these values.

We want with our effort, to put at the disposal of the people the value of what they eat, as well as put in their knowledge which has been in the process of elaboration of these foods until arrival at the home. We want to spread from our company, towards the people around them and sympathise with it, respect and commitment to the health and the environment, which gives us put passion and integrity in the development of our work.Delivery, participation and humility, define our commitment  for care of you and your loved ones. We put at your disposal a growing variety of products produced with love and enthusiasm and with the commitment to improve the day-to-day in the service.


The personality of our brand, the values quoted, tradition, the commitment, respect, integrity, the love, the effort, the illusion, health, delivery, participation and humility.We would also like to address the public rather than as a brand, as a movement that retrieves those values that we are losing in this world, increasingly industrialsed and mechanical, introducing a commitment for the traditional and natural. Returning to vindicate the cultivation systems of the past, as well as the use of sustainable techniques with the environment, both in production and in the journey of our products to the home.We present ourselves as a modern brand, committed to a sustainable world who cares and pampers each one of the resources that gives us the Mother Nature, betting on the good maintenance and respect for our legacy.

We generate entrepreneurial opportunity: In our company highlighting the importance of the human being as such. We believe that in a society which is depersonalized, there is a need to promote the human relations while respecting the values indicated as norms of coexistence.Exit the great society dehumanized and enhance individual opportunity to undertake business, where each one can be able to grow them in the measure that it proposes.